Single Point High Pressure Gas Lift Replaces ESP in Permian Basin Pilot Test

Branden Pronk; William Elmer; Larry Harms; Will Nelle; James Hacksma Paper presented at the SPE Oklahoma City Oil and Gas Symposium, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, April 2019. Paper Number: SPE-195180-MS Published: April 08 2019 Abstract Long known for its tolerance of solids-laden fluid and wellbore deviation, gas lift is an increasingly popular artificial lift […]

High-Pressure Gas Lift with Branden Pronk and Digital Wildcatters

Join our President and Co-Founder, Branden Pronk, in his interview with Collin McLelland from Digital Wildcatters as he talks about artificial lift and the innovations reshaping the oil industry. Highlights: High Pressure Gas Lift Dive into the evolution and mission of Xstream Lift. Learn how their unique approach to high pressure gas lift stands out […]